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Healing Art of Headwrapping Virtual Workshop {REPLAY}

Healing Art of Headwrapping Virtual Workshop {REPLAY}

$ 24.99 

**Get the 2 Hour Video Replay now for this awesome workshop! **

I first learned to wrap my hair back in the 90s while attending Howard University. Learning to wrap your hair is almost a pre- requisite while attending a Historically Black College (HBCU), much like rocking natural hair. Its in style now, but certainly wasn’t when I went natural back in 1998.

Wrapping my hair when I locked my hair was another way to creatively express myself. I dabbled in it then, who knew years later it would become my way of life.

I began wrapping my hair daily a few years ago as a part of my own HEALING and SPIRITUAL journey!

There are many reasons women wrap their hair... for fun, style, fashion, bad hair day, protective style for natural hair, religious reasons and the list goes on.

In this workshop, you will learn to wrap your hair like a PRO! and sooooo much more.....

*Discover how wrapping your hair connects and increases your intuition.
*Discover healing through play and reconnecting to your self through wrapping your hair.
*Learn how to become a headwrap pro- mastering several styles from basic to advanced
*Get personal feedback and help to wrap your hair.
*Learn the tools you need to best wrap your hair.
*Learn the difference in textures and fabrics and how that changes the style of your headwraps.
*Get an extensive Q & A! Learn everything you want to know about wrapping your hair.

Meditation Experience to get your creative juices flowing.....

Learn what jewelry compliments your face type- even if you have a fat, oval or short face!

Don't Procrastinate... Get the 2 hour Video REPLAY NOW!