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Luxury Headwrap Collection

African Headwrap Purple Paisley

African Headwrap Purple Paisley

$ 39.99

****There's only 1 Left! Grab it, before its gone!***

If you love Purple.... here you go! The purple headwraps always sell out quickly! This headwrap is a purple necessity! It is so fun, funky, and just dope Fall/Winter colors. There are so many vibrant colors of purple, white, yellow, burgundy, and blues. This is high quality African Wax that will make a beautiful scarf as well. 

If you want attention, buy this African headwrap! I turn heads whenever I wear it! My unique African head wraps turn more heads than even the thousand-dollar weaves! It goes with everything!

This head wrap is perfect for the Fall and cold winter months. 

Dress it up or dress it down! Pair it with solid colors or all black for a pop of color, or purple. However you rock, you will kill it! Its even more beautiful in person. 

Fabric: African Wax
Size: 2 yards