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Luxury Headwrap Collection

African Headwrap Hazelnut  Chic

African Headwrap Hazelnut Chic

$ 49.99

Part of the newly launched Crown by Avalaura head wrap Chic Collection! #queenswherecrowns #wrapitup

Hazelnut African headwrap is a neutral necessity! It is the epitome of sassy, elegant, chic. This is quickly becoming my favorite African head wrap with its earth tones of chocolate and khaki. Its nice soft, silky cloth African, so it can easily be a shawl on cool nights as well. 

If you want attention, buy this African headwrap! I turn heads whenever I wear it! My unique African head wraps turn more heads than even the thousand-dollar weaves!

This head wrap is perfect for the cold winter months and beautiful spring days. Its a great accessory for any outfit! It literally goes with EVERYTHING!

Dress it up or dress it down! Pair it with other earth tones and neutrals or give it a pop of color with greens, purples, red or orange! It all depends on your mood. However you rock, you will kill it!

Fabric: Cotton
Size: 2 yards